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Clients and awards

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key priority for us. Through our ethos of honest, open and transparent engagement with all stakeholders, and ensuring that we fully understand our client's needs and expectations, over the 20 years or so that we have been trading, we have built a diverse range of clients, many of who return to us with new business.

A sample of our range of clients

Our values

We believe building relationships with the customer leads to best business practice and project delivery.

Best practice is achieved by building long term relationships with our clients and consistently delivering mutual benefits.

We believe firmly in our commitment to the long term, not just the short view and this core belief is reflected in our promise to keeping our word, agreements and being truthful, with all our employees, suppliers and our customers.

This philosophy is borne out through our modest turnover of staff and repeat business from our client base.


We were delighted to have received a Project Commendation award from the Saltire Society of Scotland for the Melrose Town Centre Improvements project which was completed in 2008.